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Georgia Renée Ross III
30 March 2019 @ 02:56 pm
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Georgia Renée Ross III
11 January 2009 @ 10:43 am
my livejournal + computer screen are retarded and i give up.
Georgia Renée Ross III
08 January 2009 @ 02:47 pm
i realized today how uh, i'm like actually a high school student. i mean, i realized it before obviously going to a high school every day. but today it's like, i know what my rough schedule for the next two years is going to be. it's scary.

i don't like being old.
Georgia Renée Ross III
04 January 2009 @ 04:29 am
Today in 1893 U.S. President Benjamin Harrison declared full amnesty for Mormon polygamists. Is it the government's place to define which marriages are valid and which are not?


as long as it's not like, something extreme. like an 80 year old man and a 5 year old girl.
Georgia Renée Ross III
04 January 2009 @ 02:48 am
Traces Grey Vest (2:44:41 AM): .....dude i'm so bdon.
Traces Grey Vest (2:44:43 AM): you're so ryro
Traces Grey Vest (2:45:10 AM): DUDE. THIS IS WEIRD
PinkyCB15 (2:45:25 AM): how am i like ryan ross.
Traces Grey Vest (2:45:29 AM): and it just FITS so fucking perfectly
Traces Grey Vest (2:45:29 AM): okay
Traces Grey Vest (2:45:42 AM): you. i'm sorry to say, but you have very much a lack of an ass. i do not have a lack of an ass.
Traces Grey Vest (2:45:53 AM): your fingers are long and skinny and shit. mine are the tiniest fucking things ever.
Traces Grey Vest (2:46:12 AM): you're calm and composed and like, yeah. i'm just freaking all over the place (hyper wise and shit)
Traces Grey Vest (2:46:51 AM): you've got that creeper/murder like face that ryro has. and my face is never in the same expression for like, more than 10 seconds
Traces Grey Vest (2:47:03 AM): bdon's freaking crazy, and ryro's the freaking rock.
Traces Grey Vest (2:47:03 AM): dude.
Traces Grey Vest (2:47:05 AM): this is insane
PinkyCB15 (2:47:08 AM): i have a lack of an ass, because i dont show it off
Traces Grey Vest (2:47:10 AM): I'M LIVEJOURNALING THIS
Traces Grey Vest (2:47:23 AM): i wish i had bdon's ass.

Georgia Renée Ross III
01 January 2009 @ 01:15 pm
List seventeen random things about yourself, then tag seventeen people to do the same.

1. I always have to count things. I count when I walk, I count when I go up and down stairs, I count everything.
2. I find making icons extremely boring, and yet I can make over 300 in one day if I get motivated enough.
3. My favourite part of Nine In The Afternoon is when the bell is ringing. Screw the rest, I live for that bell.
4. If I'm walking next to somebody, I have to walk in the same step as them. (aka, if they step on their right foot, I have to too, or I'll switch feet so that I am)
5. I can't write but I do anyways.
6. I have to anaylze everything. Everything must have a deeper meaning, and if I do find that meaning, then I have to search even deeper for an even deeper meaning.
7. I can't have more than one plate of food at a meal or I get full.
8. I read porn like the world is ending but I can't write it to save me life.
9. I hate watching movies.
10. I can't play any instruments very well. But I want to play drums. I think I'm setting myself up for failure.
11. I care about my grades to the point that I probably get grey hairs.
12. I have never been to Canada or England but I spell everything with Us. (colour, favourite, flavour, etc.)
13. My attempts at rebellion always fail.
14. I usually hate everything I do at first, like Marching Band, Cheerleading, Speech, but then I find out that I like it and I keep at it.
15. My dream in life is to do a photoshoot.
16. I want to major in Japanese in college.
17. I don't care how much stuff I do in high school, it's not enough and I feel the need to do even more just to get me into college.

I tag everybody on my friends list because I'm lazy.
Georgia Renée Ross III
01 January 2009 @ 11:56 am
I promised myself that I wouldn't become some big fan of Kago Ai because I'm slightly mad at her whole screwing up both times thing. Cause that's majorly dumb, and she totally had it all made for her. But I keep watching the Ai No Imi Wo Oshiete video and she's so cute and she has this super great voice. I think it's just all great and adorable and she's so much cuter than Tsuji Nozomi(?). (Haha, I don't even remember her full name)

I'm supposed to write colin's fic. But I don't have any inspiration. It's been this way for like, ever. I hate it and I really want to write something good and epic. Sigh. This isn't fair at all. I should work on the boys project, but does anybody even remember it? I don't think so. It wasn't too good for people to read anyways. I could re-write it I guess. Make it into this one shot or something.

That kind of sounds like a good idea. I might.

I have a sore throat and it's bugging me. I'm drinking lots of water because I'm probably just really dehydrated. It happens a lot to me. I finally weigh like, 115. I'm really happy cause I gave up a lot of meals to get to that. I don't know, now I'm kind of concerned about what I eat and when I eat and how much I eat. It's not really that bad like people who try to get kids to not get into that mind set and stuff say it is. It's just this kind of always in the back of your mind type of thing. Like homework.

I got my permit, now I just have to drive. I don't think I really like that idea. I was so nervous for my test.

I'm super duper excited for Ice Creamusume's mini album to come out!!!! They're all such cuties. ReiRei is my favourite. She's the Choco-Mint flavour! I commented on their blog, something like, "みんな大好きだよ!シングルをがんばってください!よくできますように!" Then I kind of realized that even if they commented, I wouldn't be able to understand it.

I watched the Morning Musume version of 恋愛レボリューション21 and the music video is FREAKY. it's really weird!!!

But on the other hand, I love Goto Maki, just like everybody else. Lol. Rika's a cutie too, and Natsumi has this great voice!!!! I want to listen to Pepper Keibu now, so I might go download it. Just cause now I've kind of like, jumped into Morning Musume. v-u-den disbanded!!!!! I hate when Hello! Project groups break up! Especially old ones like v-u-den! I don't know any of the members, but I hate them breaking up. It makes a lot of people sad. Just like the whole the entire Elder's Club graduating!!!!!! WTF IS UP WITH THAT. Why all of them!?

My daddy is mad that I don't want to go to a movie today. Whatever. I don't want to see any movies.

Sadie's cute.
Georgia Renée Ross III
30 December 2008 @ 12:03 pm
D< >
Georgia Renée Ross III
24 December 2008 @ 01:06 am
Georgia Renée Ross III
Hai world
I'm posting from my phone. DOES THIS WOOOOOOORK?